How can I reach the organizers‘ team?

Please contact crowd-fund-port@ikosom.de or ask for help at the Registration Desk at the venue.

If you need urgent help, you can send a textmessage to Karsten Wenzlaff, +4915125369083 and we will try to help you.

How do I get to the venue?

Please check this information on Travel. If you have any questions or problems, contact crowd-fund-port@ikosom.de.

Do you have wireless internet at the Venue?

We have free wireless internet access in the ThEx Building.

For wireless internet access in the IHK Erfurt building, you will need a user login and a password, which you will get from the Registration Desk. Unfortunately, we only have 65 user logins for the IHK Erfurt building, which will be distributed to speakers on a first come-first serve basis.

How can I display my presentation? Do you have HDMI/VGA/Mac Adapters?

Please bring your laptop along to your presentation or bring your presentation on an USB Stick.

In all rooms except the Main Stage, we have Projectors and/or Smartboards, which have an HDMI-Access. We can provide you with VGA-Adapters, if necessary. We do not have Mac-Adapters – please bring them with you.

For the Main Stage (Atrium), we have a TV Screen for display of presentations. Please send us the presentation by Monday, 25th March, 5pm to crowd-fund-port@ikosom.de.

We do not have Audio equipment for your presentation.

Can I display a roll-up? Can I display information material?

If you want to display a roll-up or display information material, then contact us at crowd-fund-port@ikosom.de beforehand.

Do I need a ticket?

Yes, you should have received an Eventbrite-Ticket by email or you have registered yourself. If you do not have an Eventbrite Ticket, then contact us at crowd-fund-port@ikosom.de.

Should I notify you if I am not there the whole day?

Yes, you should enter your attendance in this form so that we can better plan the catering.

Can I still update the Speakers or the Session information?

We are finalizing the program over the weekend. Please send any last-minute corrections to crowd-fund-port@ikosom.de and please make sure you make it clear which session you refer to. Please check:

Program in German

Program in English

Speaker in German

Speaker in English

Who is chairing the sessions?

Each track has a specific chair:

  • Thüringen-Track: Juliane Lippmann (ThEx Mikrofinanzagentur)
  • Tourismus-Workshop: Alexander Mayrhofer (Thüringer Tourismus GmbH)
  • Kreativlounge: Wolfgang Gumpelmaier-Mach (ikosom)
  • Regulierungsdialog Bundesverband Crowdfunding: Uli Fricke (Fundernation)
  • Blockchain-Track: Christoph Gringel (Heuking)
  • D/FIN.frankfurt: Jamal El Mallouki/Tobias Riethmüller
  • International Track: Anja Prislan, Darko Fercei (eZavod)
  • Academic Track: Friedemann Polzin (University of Utrecht)

The Main Stage will be moderated by several people, depending on the topic.